How Can You Remove a Double Din Head Unit?

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So, are you looking to remove the stereo of your car? Well, if it is a double din head unit, then it can be easily done in a few steps.

For the people that have cars, getting rid of the factory stereo system and replacing it with something better is a sure thing. Not only is it an extremely common practice, but most of the bigger SUVs and trucks make use of this feature. So, when it comes to the standard size of the stereo, it is known as the double din. If you do not know how to remove it, then you can simply call a technician to get it removed for you. However, if you want to do it by yourself, here are a few things that you can do;

  • Firstly, you need to get access to the battery terminals. To do so, you lift up the hood of your car, and by using the adjustable wrench; you can simply loosen up the bolts that secure the cables associated with the negative terminal. After removing the cable which was connected to the battery, simply put it in a safe place.
  • After that, you can remove the panels from the dashboard. To do it safely, simply go through the car’s manual provided to you, and follow it step by step.
  • When removing the screws, always make it a point to keep it in its designated location. There are various cars that come with specialist tools for this particular method. So, make use of those tools if there are any that came with your car. If not, make do with a screwdriver.
  • Then, you need to remove all the wirings which are connected to the outlets located in the back of the unit. The wirings may seem to have some sort of release mechanism, that needs to be engaged before you start unplugging the cables. What you need to do is to check with the repair manual in order to find out the perfect instructions on how you can remove the cables from the unit.
  • After that, disconnect the cable which leads to the antenna from the outlet, which is basically connected to the rear panel of the stereo. Keep it in a safe location.

When you have everything removed, you can simply get the new unit, and retrace your steps that you took in order to remove the best double din head unit from your car. Moreover, there will also be an additional manual provided to you with the new stereo system on how you should connect it to your car.

If all of these things seem to be overwhelming, then simply hire a technician to get the job done for you. After all, you do not want your new car stereo to fizzle out within a few days of purchasing it simply because you wiring was not up to the mark. Do not try and do it yourself if you feel that you are not capable for the task.

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