How Can You Use Berries in Your Diet?

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According to a recent study in the Nutrition and Dietetics Journal, it has been found out that people that consumed blueberries on a pretty regular basis were found to have a lower blood pressure in comparison to the control group. Researchers in Finland have also found out that there are different kinds of health benefits pertaining to the berries which will be able to promote the cardiovascular health.


So, with so many health benefits, how would you be able to include berries in your diet?

  • Oats- People have been known to lose weight by eating oats for breakfast. However, everybody knows that oats do not happen to be extremely tasty, and can be a bit lackluster. For the people starting out in this kind of diet, it would be a deal breaker. Therefore, by mixing berries in the oats, one would be able to make the entire meal pretty tasty, while at the same time adding a lot of antioxidants to the meal which will be able to flush out the system of any kind of toxins.
  • Lunch- When you are having your lunch, it is important for you to enjoy the meal. Granted that you may be on a diet, eating salads and going on a particularly harsh diet, but that does not in any way quantify the fact that you let go of the taste in your food. Therefore, in order to properly enjoy your diet, you could have a salad which has a generous amount of blueberries and strawberries in it. You could also have grilled chicken strips, and with the proper mix, your food will definitely taste a lot better going down then you might have anticipated.
  • Desserts- There is enough opportunities for you to add a healthy amount of berries to your desert, and there are multiple recipes all across the Internet that can show you how to do so. There is no particular berry that you need to use in your diet; everything works out, since most of the berries have a mild sweetness associated with it. The proportion should be made out to taste, and you would definitely love having a lot of healthy berries in your desert mix.
  • Smoothies- When you want to have food simply in order to fill your stomach, it is much better to have smoothies. However, to ensure that you are getting the proper antioxidants within your body while filling up your stomach, include a generous amount of berries. You could go with blackberries, banana, or even a generous amount of strawberries to make sure that the smoothies is thick and has a wonderful taste.

Why are berries so healthy for you? They are packed with nutrients and vitamins that will keep you from getting sick, here is a list of berries.

When we talk about the nutritional benefits that are to be found in berries, we find that there is undeniable proof that they boast of a magnanimous quantity of antioxidants. A good dose of such types of berries on a daily basis not only reduces the risk of infections in your body, but also plays a very big part in tackling diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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