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Charity Search Engine Generates Cash Donations

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Harnessing the growing popularity of online searches, automatically contributes cash to more than 63,000 non-profit organizations and schools. More than 100 new charitable groups join daily.

Users searching the Internet with choose one of the participating non-profit organizations or schools from a drop-down list immediately below the search keyword entry field.

Based on their total number of eligible searches, the charity or school receives half of the ad-click earnings that receives from online advertisers.

Contributions to International Charitable Causes supports a vast range of charitable organizations which must be registered in the United States. However, many participating groups also support a global cause like providing international disaster relief to Darfur and Burma or ensuring the humanitarian rights of Tibetans and women. The list below identifies some of the internationally focused organizations and the amount of revenue that has contributed to date.

  • Save Darfur … US$8,000 in contributions
  • Students for a Free Tibet … $2,600
  • UNICEF … $1,800
  • Women for Women International… $700
  • U.S. Campaign for Burma … $626.

Contributions to Charities Based in New York City

The following list identifies some of the leading non-profit organizations in America’s largest city, New York City, to which has contributed.

  • ASPCA* … US$17,000 in contributions
  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation … $1,292
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation … $662
  • Broadway Cares … $643.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation uses its funds to research treatments to benefit the estimated 6 million people living with Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Broadway Cares raises money to provide services to patients with illnesses related to the global AIDS epidemic.

*American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Attracts Global Web Traffic

Over 820,000 users from around the world visit the home page during an average month and generate 2.9 million searches. Web traffic statistics from and also show that 88% of users are located in the United States while 12% (100,000 users) come from countries other than America. The latter statistics reflects the global scope of the charities to which contributes.

  • United States … 725,000 users monthly (88.1% of global total) generating 2.54 million searches
  • Indonesia … 32,917 users (4%) generating 115,210 searches
  • Canada … 12,344 users (1.5%) generating 43,204 searches
  • India … 9,875 users (1.2%) generating 34,563 searches
  • Japan … 9,052 users (1.1%) generating 31,683 searches
  • United Kingdom … 4,983 users (0.6%) generating 17,281 searches
  • Netherlands … 3,292 users (0.4%) generating 11,521 searches
  • Italy … 2,469 users (0.3%) generating 8,641 searches
  • Germany … 2,469 users (0.3%) generating 8,641 searches
  • Australia … 1,646 users (0.2%) generating 5,760 searches
  • Iran … 1,646 users (0.2%) generating 5,760 searches
  • Malaysia … 1,646 users (0.2%) generating 5,760 searches
  • Denmark … 1,646 users (0.2%) generating 5,760 searches
  • Israel … 1,646 users (0.2%) generating 5,760 searches
  • Other countries … 8,229 users (1%) generating 28,802 searches.

Celebrities Support

Putting a human face to initiatives, many celebrities appear in videos to promote and their favorite participating charities. Contributing stars include Hollywood actress Jessica Biel and musician Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. Topping Jennifer Biel’s list of movie credits are The Illusionist and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Singer-songwriter Rob Thomas is perhaps best known for co-writing and performing the Carlos Santana triple-platinum smash hit titled Smooth. Success Stories

While acknowledging the technical excellence of their Yahoo-powered search engine, the Rambergs are more focused on how cash contributions have helped people in need.

Examples of this assistance include:

  • Scholarships that enabled disabled children to attend summer camp (from American Idol finalist Clay Aiken’s co-founded foundation)
  • New books purchased for kindergarten classes in an underfunded, inner-city New Jersey School District
  • Replacement fire-fighting hoses for the North-West Fire Protection District.