Go as Mario Characters This Halloween

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Noted as one of the most successful game franchises that you can find in the world, Mario has been known as the heartthrob of generations of videogame enthusiasts. It was during the 1980s that most of the kids wanted to play Mario, and eventually went on to force their parents to purchase a Nintendo entertainment system. It was obviously costly, but the repeated pleas of the children bore fruit. Nintendo went on to become one of the highest grossing entertainment companies when it comes to video games for that particular generation. With millions of people fawning over the latest Mario titles, and more and more people thinking of ways how they would be purchasing the Mario games, the entire generation was brought up on Mario characters being the ultimate heroes.

One of the cool things about Mario games is that it was not only a character that was recognizable, but also the fact that the costumes of the Mario games were extremely simplistic, and went on to become the number one choice for children and adults to wear during the Halloween. Even today, Mario is an overwhelming choice for children that would simply like to portray their favorite gaming character during the festive season of the Halloween. If you go online, you will find that there are thousands of websites which are dedicated for sales of Mario costumes alone.

Most of the dresses are extremely simplistic, and cost a few dollars. However, there are also dresses that can cost you a lot of money, simply because of its authentic look, as well as the quality of the fabric used in its creation.

Halloween costumes have almost always had a probability of shifting to the ghastly characters rather than something out of a videogame. However, the popularity of Mario has been able to transcend boundaries, and let people see how it can contribute to the fun of Halloween by simply portraying a lovable character. However, it is also during the Halloween season that Mario costumes are in huge demand, therefore purchasing it at least a few weeks before Halloween would be the best thing that you can do.

Again, if you think that going trick-or-treating with your child during Halloween is a wonderful thing, and costumes play a very important role, then go for a delightful costume. In order for you to look your part, you can go as Mario, and get your children dressed as Luigi, or vice versa. That way, you will be able to stick to a theme, and the costumes will be able to portray your love for this Nintendo blockbuster game like no other.

Of course, Halloween is an occasion for your children to rejoice, for them to have candies, but there is no rule that stops adults from having fun. So, get out your inner child and wear your Mario costumes to the fun parties that you would attend.

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