LED Headlamps for Night Time Running: Runners Can Keep Safe With Lights Designed for Evening Runs

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Those who run are often a hardy lot who love to run in any sort of weather and in all sorts of light conditions. To stay safe during dawn, dusk, evening and winter runs, it’s important to have the right running gear. This includes reflective clothing, additional reflectors on shoes and hats, and head lamps and other lighting products so that the runner can see the sidewalk and be visible to oncoming traffic. Effective lights will help a winter or night time runner stay safe, even when there is traffic.

Choosing a Headlamp for Running

There are many headlamps on the market. Some of them begin under $20. Before purchasing a headlamp, ensure that the light level is adequate for night time running and suitable for the needs of the runner. Think about the following questions:

  • Where will the headlamp be used? Will it be used on streets with some light and the occasional dark patch? Will it be used for evening running in areas where there is little light, like the forest?
  • Is the headlamp also for increased runner visibility? If so, a flashing light is generally more obvious than a light that is consistently on. Look for a flash feature on the light.
  • Are there different light levels on the headlamp for very dark areas and lighter areas?
  • Is the headlamp rechargeable?
  • What is the projected life of the light? Can it be replaced?
  • Is the bulb halogen or LED? This affects the type of light and the longevity of the bulb.

Headlamps With a High Light Level

For evening, winter, or forest running, choose a headlamp with at least 3 watts. This will ensure that the light is powerful enough for runs where there are no street lights. For visibility on roads, look for a light with a flashing feature. Consider investing in another flashing light for feet or the back of the head, so that the runner is visible from front and back. Also examine the lamp in a dark area to look at how focused or dispersed the light is – to see the widest extent of the trail, look for a more dispersed light with a high quality.

Headlamps that have a higher light level tend to run between $80 to $150. However, a running injury can cost a lot more in time off work, so consider these headlamps to be an investment in safe night time or winter running.

Headlamps with a high light level include:

  • The Coast LED Lenser, good battery life for a higher wattage. Adjust the LED for a larger, more dispersed light.
  • The Petzl MYO RXP, an LED headlamp that is programmable.
  • The Princeton Tec Apex, a little larger than the other high-wattage headlamps.

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Use a headlamp to keep safe while running in the early morning, night time, or on dark winter runs. Choose a high wattage with the best battery life possible to ensure that the light will remain powerful and on during runs. Look for lights that offer flashing features and a more dispersed light for road and trail running.

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